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Reference Books I Use

  1. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. Rennie Browne and Dave King

  2. Romancing the Beat. Gwen Hayes

  3. Writers' Handbook 2018. Editor J Paul Dyson.

  4. Mastering Amazon Ads. Brian D Meeks

  5. An Authors GFuide To Goodreads. Barb Drozdowich

  6. Help! My Facebook Ads Suck. Michael Cooper

  7. Scrivener for Dummies. Gwen Hernandez

  8. The Oxford English Dictionary. Oxford Press

  9. Grammatically Correct. Anne Stilman

  10. The Associated Press Stylebook. Associated Press

  11. Essential Public Affairs for journalists. James Morrison Along with countless online documents, How-To guides and Blog comments.

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