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KDP – Science Fiction & Fantasy Keywords

Science Fiction & Fantasy Keywords

In order for a title to appear in the Science Fiction & Fantasy sub-categories below, the title’s search keywords must include at least one of the keywords or phrases listed next to the sub-category. These categories and subcategories are specific to books listed for sale on and; other marketplaces may not support these keywords.CategoryKeywordsFantasy Characters/AngelsangelsFantasy Characters/Devils & DemonsdemonsFantasy Characters/DragonsdragonsFantasy Characters/Elves & Faeelf, fae, fairiesFantasy Characters/Ghostsghost, spiritFantasy Characters/Gods & Goddessesdeities, god, pantheonFantasy Characters/Psychicspsychic, telepathicFantasy Characters/VampiresvampireFantasy Characters/Werewolves & ShiftersshapeshifterFantasy Characters/Witches & Wizardswitch, wizard, warlock, druid, shamanScience Fiction Characters/AIsartificial intelligenceScience Fiction Characters/AliensaliensScience Fiction Characters/ClonesclonesScience Fiction Characters/CorporationscorporationsScience Fiction Characters/MutantsmutantsScience Fiction Characters/Piratespirates, privateer, corsairScience Fiction Characters/PsychicspsychicsScience Fiction Characters/Robots & Androidsrobots, androidsScience Fiction & Fantasy/HorrorhorrorScience Fiction & Fantasy/HumorhumorScience Fiction & Fantasy/MysterymysteryScience Fiction & Fantasy/Non-RomanticDo NOT include “romance” or “love”Science Fiction & Fantasy/Romanticromance, loveScience Fiction & Fantasy/ThrillerthrillerScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/ArthurianarthurianScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Coming of Agecoming of ageScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Metaphysical & Visionarymetaphysical, visionary, theology, spiritualScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Myths & Legends/Arthurianarthurian, camelot, merlin, excalibur, lancelotScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Myths & Legends/Greek & Romangreek, roman, zeus, apollo, athena, olympusScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Myths & Legends/Norse & Vikingviking, norse, nordic, finland, swedish, thor, odinScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/SuperherosuperheroScience Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Sword & Sorcerysword, sorcery, magic, dragon, questScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Alien InvasioninvasionScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/ColonizationcolonizationScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/CyberpunkcyberpunkScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/First ContactcontactScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Galactic Empireempire, republicScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Genetic EngineeringgenesScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Metaphysical & Visionarymetaphysical, visionary, theology, spiritualScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Military/Space Fleetfleet, starshipScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Military/Space Marinetroop, armor, marine, soldierScience Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Space Explorationexploration

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