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KDP - Romance Category Keywords

Romance Category Keywords

In order for a title to appear in the Romance sub-categories below, the title's search keywords must include at least one of the keywords or phrases listed next to the sub-category. These categories and subcategories are specific to books listed for sale on or; other marketplaces may not support these keywords. CategoryKeywordsRomance/Holidays*christmas, thanksgiving, valentine, halloween, new yearRomance/Inspirational/Amish*amishRomance/Inspirational/General*inspirationalRomance/Militarymilitary, navy, army, soldierRomance/Multicultural & InterracialinterracialRomance/New Adult & Collegenew adultRomance/Paranormal/AngelsangelRomance/Paranormal/Demons & Devilsdevil, demonRomance/Paranormal/Ghostsghost, spiritRomance/Paranormal/Psychicspsychic, telepathyRomance/Paranormal/VampiresvampireRomance/Paranormal/Werewolves & Shifterswerewolf, shapeshifterRomance/Paranormal/Witches & Wizardswitch, wizard, warlock, druid, shamanRomance/Romantic Comedycomedy, humorRomance/Sports*sport, hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, olympics, climbing, lacrosse, nascar, surfing, boxing, martial arts, golfRomantic Heroes/CowboyscowboyRomantic Heroes/Doctorsdoctor, physician, surgeonRomantic Heroes/FirefightersfirefighterRomantic Heroes/HighlandershighlanderRomantic Heroes/PiratespirateRomantic Heroes/PoliticanspoliticianRomantic Heroes/Rich & Wealthybillionaire, rich, millionaire, wealthyRomantic Heroes/Royalty & Aristocratsnobility, royalty, aristocrat, princeRomantic Heroes/Spiesspies, espionageRomantic Heroes/VikingsvikingRomantic Themes/AmnesiaamnesiaRomantic Themes/BeachesbeachRomantic Themes/Gambling & Pokergambling, poker, casinoRomantic Themes/InternationalinternationalRomantic Themes/Love Trianglelove triangle, menageRomantic Themes/Medicalmedical, doctor, nurse, hospitalRomantic Themes/Second Chancessecond chanceRomantic Themes/Secret Babybaby, pregnancyRomantic Themes/VacationvacationRomantic Themes/WeddingweddingRomantic Themes/Workplaceoffice, workplace*Subcategory is specific to the U.S. marketplace or

Warning: Do not add books from any Romance category to these categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Children's.

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