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Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher. Adobe is Dead.

I've finally done it. I have deleted, removed and trashed all Adobe applications from my system. I've had it with this hundreds of pounds a year shelling out to a company that's worth Billions. Billions I say. Well they aren't getting my money any more.

I'm going with the Affinity Trilogy. Very good software, and a one off price of around £30 while still on special, and even when it's not, around £50. One off. No subscription. No extras. Nothing. All three apps work seamlessly together, and Photo and Designer even work on the iPad. Very nice.

As for the rest. I use Apple products, I use Procreate on the iPad, I use Darkroom on the iPad, Photos across all my Apple devices. To do video and make movies, I use iMovie. Just too nice. Very useful.

And you know what - my computer starts up faster, and I've reclaimed a lot of used up space.

Coming soon. A LOT of how-to-do-it for Authors. Producing your own book covers. Your own Movie Trailers (even now available on my Skillshare courses) and lots more writing advice.

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