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Available Books


The list of books currently available. I have a number of Works in Progress, but for now, these are available and very readable. I encourage you to read them and leave reviews if you would. 

The Dragons of Sara Sara
  • ISBN-13: 978-0244331931

Innocence and terror meet in a fast-paced evocation of a time far in the future. Set among momentous happenings, Robert Chalmers catches a society on the brink of a new age. In an age far ahead in time, two young people from very different walks of life find themselves thrown together in a battle to save the world from darkness. The Lord of Darkness is stirring and the forces of light are awakened. The two are inextricably linked when they forge a pact to fight together for the good of all. As the young friends grow and mature a new role emerges for each, as they gather forces about themselves ahead of the storm. 'Every separate voice is perfectly judged, reverberating in the mind's ear and leaving a tense echo as the battle looms

marriage in a cold climate
  • ISBN-13: 978-0980798500

The last thing Natalie expected was to be kidnapped!


Natalie just wanted to get married to William, and at the garden party, she expected William to seek her father's permission, just as the old customs demanded.

When she finds herself on a mad dash across a vast ocean, and the frozen wastes of Siberia, she does what she always does - looks for ways to solve her problems herself; but finds herself in a seemingly impossible situation.


The Innamincka Affair
  • ISBN-13: 978-0980798593

Love. Lies. Mortal Danger. A lot can happen with an affair at Innamincka. Rebecca Boucher loves to get the job done. As a respected junior partner in a London law firm, the brief couldn’t be simpler. Fly out to meet the owner of a vast cattle property in Australia, check over some paperwork, fly home. She certainly doesn't have time for love, not even in the gorgeous shape of the property owner Cooper Anders, all six foot something of smiling casualness. Then again, maybe Cooper can change her mind, given time... But when Rebecca is practically kidnapped by the client overstepping the line, everything changes. Cooper falls under the suspicion of the security services who suspect him of complicity. 

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